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Posted Tue 19, July 2011
Finding The Right Betting Picks

Regardless of the betting style and system you use in order to increase your chance of gaining a steady income from betting, you’ll certainly need to find the right betting picks in order to make the most out of your stakes. The best way is to concentrate on a couple of major leagues or those minor ones with decent coverage as the more info you have on the teams and their style of play, the bigger your chances are of winning a bet.

Serious bettors tend to prepare for the games in the best possible way, by regularly watching games or at least highlights and staying in touch with the latest team news. It is better to know that a team you are thinking of backing will be deprived of several first team regulars, so as to skip that bet and minimize your losses. Nonetheless, the fact that one of the teams cannot count on a couple of starters doesn’t have to mean anything if the boss has decent replacements for the absentees, so it is certainly up to you to reassess the teams’ chances after finding out the latest info rather than just skipping the game.

As far as the start of the season is concerned, our advice is not to bet the teams that have undergone major changes in the playing squad, at least during the opening rounds, as they will surely need some time to gel and start playing to their potential. Having said that, if the odds are decent enough, you’ll be better off betting on teams that are not world beaters but can count on almost the same squad as last season.

Tradition is obviously important, especially in countries like England where everyone knows how much time has passed since one team have last time beaten another, and while it can put some pressure on the players, we don’t think that is as important a factor as most experts would suggest.

On the other hand, players’ experience can have a big part in deciding the outcome of the game, especially in those high-profile matches that can see even the bravest of men choking under the pressure. An experienced team will make better decisions under the pressure and that can ultimately be a deciding factor.

Individual quality of the players can sometimes decide a game, but more often you will see teams with homogeneous unit topping the ones with a number of excellent individuals in the side but with no team work or cohesion. If this was not true, Real Madrid and Manchester City would have become world beaters long time ago.

These guidelines should serve as general rules on finding the right picks and the best value, although every betting style has its own special rules and strategies. For pointers on individual betting styles, be sure to check our other articles on betting strategies and stay tuned for the new pieces on similar topics.

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