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Posted Tue 30, August 2011
Live InPlay Betting Tips on Your Mobile Phone

Inplay betting or “live betting” as it is otherwise known, provides a means for gamblers to place a bet on an element of a game while it is in progress. If we use a soccer/football game as an example, it would be possible for instance, to bet on who the winning team will be as the game goes on, or perhaps what player will score the next goal, or which team will be awarded the next corner. This useful and popular form of sports betting has now become available to the iPhone, Windows, Android and Nokia mobile phones as live mobile betting.

How does it InPlay Betting Work?

Live betting works just like regular sports betting; however, the odds will naturally shift and change as the game progresses. For instance, pre-game the odds might be 3/1 that a certain team would win, but after the opposition scores a goal the odds could change to 7/1. If you are certain the original favorites will make a comeback, it’s possible to yield a much higher return for the same bet. There are also a multitude of in play betting options that will change as the game goes on.

Live Mobile Betting – Trading

Some gambling establishments like Betfair allow punters to call their own odds when backing or laying a bet. By “backing” you are placing a bet at your chosen odds for that bet to come through, and if someone “lays” your bet at those odds, they are betting that it won’t happen. This is actually a very fun way to bet and can yield guaranteed profits by trading off previous bets. With live mobile betting, this might be handy down the pub watching a game, when you decide that you have spent a little too much on beer and could do with a little extra money the next day.

Punters can Gain a Significant Edge

Perhaps the greatest advantage of live mobile betting is that sports fans can now place bets while they are actually at their favorite game. This will provide them with an edge over the bookmakers as it will be possible to gauge the emotions of the players as well as intent, in order to better make a call on the next bet. With this in mind, there are people who monitor these sporting events on televisions for large gambling companies who set the odds accordingly. However, it is well known that there is a minor delay between live play and television play, and even a split second can result in a quick profit.

A Couple of Mobile InPlay Betting Tips:

  1. If using a trading betting platform, bet on a team before the game and lay off that bet for some guaranteed profit when the odds decrease. This usually works best for the favorite as the odds almost always shorten once the game starts.
  2. Similar to the point above, it’s also possible to hedge on the correct goal. Many soccer/football games for instance finish 0-0 at half time and then someone scores soon after.

Many people find it possible to make money much easier with in play betting, and now with mobile live betting entering the equation, the odds are truly shifting in the punter’s favor.

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