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Posted Wed 3, August 2011
The Advantages of In-Play Betting

In play betting can offer you much more than outright betting and that is why this style has become immensely popular over the last few years. The number of opportunities is simply unbelievable and betting on live sports events can be extremely profitable, of course when done properly.

If you still have second thoughts, be sure to check the advantages in play betting have over outright betting.

1.) More betting opportunities

With conventional betting, the players can choose from a variety of markets prior to the event in question but once it starts, the betting opportunities cease to exist. On the other hand, in play betting can offer you a wide variety of bets during the course of the match, and as the game unfolds, there will be even more of these.

For those who like to have a lot of choices available,  William Hill in play market is the real deal, as the bookmaker can offer the bettors almost a hundred live bets per single event.

2.) You can watch an event and bet at the same time

This is definitely one of the best features of in play betting as it allows bettors to watch the game, see how it unfolds and then place a bet, which significantly increases their chances of winning. An experienced bettor can draw a lot of conclusions from watching just the opening exchanges of an event and than they can make a right decision and place a winning bet.

Bookies like Paddy Power offer their customers the chance to watch events live on their website, so that they can have a complete betting experience just a click away.

3.) The excitement

One thing bettors can definitely count on when taking on in play betting is an unparalleled excitement that follows this betting type. The mere opportunity of anticipating the events in a match and then jumping at the chance to put the money where your mouth is will add a certain buzz even to those small games that wouldn’t have ever caught your attention otherwise, and this is something outright betting cannot give you.

4.) Your sports expertise can be extremely helpful

In order to make the most out of their sports expertise, the bettors should only bet on the sports they follow closely. This way, they can anticipate certain events in a game after seeing the starting line-ups and how teams play, before placing a bet on the match in question.

Team coaches tend to say one thing and then do another, so it is best to see for yourself if they have stayed true to their statements or maybe decided to change things in the last minute, as this can be the difference between money won and money lost.

5.) Higher prices

Sporting events in which the result changes every minute or even quicker can offer you the biggest returns for betting on favorites. When the underdog scores a couple of points in basketball or tennis, the odds on the favorite become much higher than they were before the match started, so that is when you should place the bet as these couple of points will make no difference in the final score but will increase your winnings a great deal.

If you are a basketball fan then Ladbrokes is perfect for you since this bookie not only have great prices on NBA matches but they are also one of handful of bookmakers that accept US bettors.

6.) Quicker bet settlement

Sports bettors are hardly a patient bunch and they want to have their bets settled as soon as possible. Outright bets are rarely settled within less than one or two hours, so this clearly cannot be their cup of tea, but in play betting is there to make everyone satisfied.

Betting on the winner of next game in tennis or next quarter in basketball will see your bets settled very quickly, and this will even give you the opportunity to transfer your winnings to another market while the game is still on.

7.) A chance to secure your winnings

If you are one of those who lost quite a bit of money because of a late minute goal and could do nothing about it, you should know that with in play betting you can prevent this from happening.

When the team you have backed take the lead, you can either do nothing about it and lose the entire stake if they concede, or you can back the draw and maybe even the other team once that happens, in order to secure your winnings. Obviously, this tactics can only be deployed when the backed team take the lead, but even so it is likely to increase your bankroll since it is better to win less than win nothing at all.

8.) Very high prices with a realistic chance of winning

Bettors can also find high prices in the outright betting but these are usually very high for a reason and these bets are almost impossible to guess right.

On the other hand, in play betting gives you the chance to take advantage of some pretty high odds, but to still have a realistic chance of winning. Provided you are watching a game and see that a team are dominating the proceedings even though they are losing at the time, you can back them at some very sharp odds and earn a substantial profit if they just manage to turn that dominance into goals.

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