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Posted Tue 19, July 2011
In Play Betting Strategy

The massive popularity of in play betting is by no means surprising seeing this form of betting offers limitless opportunities for sports bettors everywhere. Real sport connoisseurs will love live betting market as it allows the experts to put their extensive knowledge to a better use than with fixed odds betting. Be that as it may, you cannot really expect steady profits without right betting strategy, with the following set of guidelines specifically created to help bettors in their quest for profits.

Bet on sports you follow

In play betting can give the bettors a chance to cash in on their sports knowledge, but it is absolutely crucial to only bet on the sports you follow closely. There is no point in betting on basketball matches if you know nothing about the sport since not even watching the game can help you anticipate certain things, whereas watching an event within a sport you know inside out can help you predict how the game will unfold, which is the best way to a winning bet.

Get used to how the market works

One of the things that makes in play betting market so special is the fact that the odds fluctuate almost every second, with quick thinking and acting being crucial for success in this area. Nonetheless, you should first spend some time getting familiarized with the market and the way the odds move, so as to know exactly when to act in order to get the most of your bets.

Watch the games

In play betting gives bettors a unique opportunity to see how the game unfolds before placing a bet, so there is no reason why you should pass on this offer. Betting experts’ chances of correctly predicting an outcome will rise significantly after watching a part of the game in question, so you should take full advantage of this option.

Make smart choices

With the live betting market moving rapidly, the bettors, too, need to have a sharp mind and act quickly in order to get the best out of every bet. Add to that the massive number of bets available every second and you will see that things are not as easy as they seem. Bettors may be tempted into placing bets solely based on the high odds on offer, so you have to be wary of this and only place bets after you have thought things through. Our advice is, therefore, to make smart choices and always wait for the right opportunity to arise.

Use your sports expertise

Not even the best sports experts can be very successful at fixed odds betting as they haven’t got the courtesy of checking how the teams line up on the pitch and what kind of approach they adopt, and this is exactly why they should switch to in play betting. Live betting market allows them to gain a full understanding of the game prior to placing a bet, which can often be the difference between winning money and losing it.

Don’t go crazy with your bets

Offering the bettors new and appealing opportunities almost every minute, live betting market is much more exciting than the fixed odds betting, but it can also lead you to the point of no return if you disregard the risks. With most of the bets settled almost instantly, you may be tempted to chase your losses or place bets only to take advantage of the sharp prices, but that is definitely not the right way to go.

Secure your winnings every now and then

Every bettor in the world has seen his winnings go up in smoke due to the injury time goal at least once in his betting career, but now they can finally do something about it. If you are expecting a big payout and the team you have backed take the lead, you should take the chance to secure your winnings by placing small bets (at much higher prices than at the start of the game) on draw and the other team, as this way you will be entitled to a payout even if your team fail to hold on to the lead.

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