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Live Greyhound Betting
Live Greyhound Betting

For the past 45 years or so, greyhound races have become one of the major gambling entertainment of punters all over UK. Greyhounds, racing after an electric hare is proven entertaining that it is one of the most bet on races in the UK, in par with horse racing. Among all the animals of its kind, greyhounds are chosen to race because of its elegance and beauty. It is therefore, a great sight to behold especially when it starts to show off in the racetrack. Many people, even those who are not into betting anticipate the races, to see every participating greyhound. As for punters, many would rather delve into live greyhound betting to behold the competition with their own eyes. Betting live is also more exciting and more fun as it could be very exhilarating cheering on your favourite canine right on the spot. This is the opportunity given by betting online, because as the name “live betting” suggests, one can bet during the actual race. Punters choose this kind of betting because of the nature and beauty of the race and the great profit it can give.

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Live Greyhound Betting
Bet In Play for Greyhound Racing

As with all kinds of betting, a punter can reduce the risk by doing some background research. It may not be much, but the information you will get may greatly help in making up your decision to bet on a greyhound during the actual game. For example, in your research you found out that the dog you favour during the live greyhound betting has some serious injury in the past and the signs of wear is showing in the game, you would have second thoughts if you would still favour that dog. This saves you from the big chance of losing a chunk of cash and it also gives you a bigger opportunity of winning.

Some few tips to remember prior to attending a greyhound race is to check the age of the participating dogs (a running dog will be at its peak at two years, while a female dog at three), how long have they been doing races and how they did on those races, history of injuries, and the general form of the dogs. Taking all these into consideration will make it easier for you to pick out your favourite as the race goes. Also, among the types of bets available such as straight, play, show, etc. which is a bit similar to horse racing, the straight bet is the simplest, the most manageable and it’s not too difficult to win. Beginners should start small and simple and they should always be prepared if they are serious about not losing too much money.

Bookmakers, especially those online, will give you many options to pick from. Beginners should stray away from those they know nothing about. Eventually, you will slowly pick up everything related to the race as well as betting. Since live betting is almost the same as traditional betting, those who are new in this type of gambling can bet to their hearts’ content. Live betting is a profitable service to run for bookmakers, so they won’t miss the chance of having live greyhound betting available for all. Mostly options are available on bookmakers’ websites and odds and news are posted too so it’s easier to keep track of the race.